video pesta tanglung

Published October 4, 2013 by AiRiEnA MoHd

video pesta tanglung

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone, hye ummi, i just posted this for fun 🙂 enjoy ❤


Course Overall…

Published July 10, 2013 by AiRiEnA MoHd

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to dearest ummi and friends…

My last entry is about final overall of this course… 

At first when we were told that we have to split group into two, I was hoping I would be in Ummi’ s group and I did. My first thought of Learner Diversity course is about the variety types of student, the variety of their needs in learning and also technique or strategies that we can use to improve teaching and learning process… I was right. that is what the course are about. But, I have learned more than that by the end of this course and by the time I was typing this last entry…

In this class we were brief about what we need to do from the proforma and what do we need to complete. I personally like the way of learning style in Ummi’s class by using the multimedia as one of the medium to do any task. It made our work more easier and also teach us a lot of things and make us used to technology based method so we improve ourselves in technology based method. Especially for those who are not so used to these stuffs like me… huhu

Anyway, in this course I have learned the variety of students such as autism, down syndrome, bilingual, and many more. I have also learned about the law or act used in education and what was the highlighted such as One Malaysia Concept. 

We have tutorials and also presentation… my friends has made clear about their presentation and that helps a lot in the process of understanding facts and information in this course aside from the reference book. 

Skills I have learned is, how to use blog website as WordPress, use Facebook in the process of interaction, making a Digital Message and when I was doing my Kit Project, I learned how to do a slideshow, a poster and also a video (even though I am not really succeed in Uploading it anywhere, even in the You Tube page) *sigh. But, I have tried to give my best for this class *though I think if I have given myself another chance, I can do more… 

There are of course a positive and negative side of this course and I honestly think that the positive and negative element comes from the surrounding and also myself. 

The positive would be an experience to learn through multimedia medium or technology based learning, a great support from you, Ummi, and a new knowledge on how to help our students by identifying what kind or types of students they are. the methods that has been explained in the course help us to recognize our students behaviour and help us to organize so we can plan more on our teaching. Also, in this class, this semester, the positive one for me would be, I know who is my real friend who would help me, and who are not. The one who wont help but plan to failed me. Everything that happened teach me a lot of lesson for myself. Many thanks to those who help me and only Allah S.W.T will repay your kindness. For the one who want to see me falling, thanks too. You teach me a lot of things and I got up as the result of your negative motivation for me. May Allah S.W.T opens your heart to see the fact that I want to be nothing but your friend, so please, put aside everything. It bring no good to anyone. 

The negative one would be the lack awareness of how important this class is. This is a challenging class and an ignorance would not help in this course. However, I think that was what I have been doing through out this semester. Maybe not just in this class. Anyway, I would like to apologise for not being professional in my work, not paying or not giving much attention in class and for the late submission of assignments. 

The things that can be improve in this class would be a few trips to students centre with the special case or need such as Autism class or Down Syndrome class. By using this trip, we can see the clear picture of these students and how they manage their learning activity. we haven’t got a chance to do it, but I think the class would be more enjoyable after seeing the real situation. The things that should be remain in class is the use of technology based learning and your support and unstopable guidance for us ummi, thank you so much for everything you have done for me and all of us.  

That is all for this last entry, may we meet in the next semester. With lots of love and respect, Nur Zarina Mohamad. 

Final Exam and last words…

Published July 8, 2013 by AiRiEnA MoHd

Assalamualaikum and a good day once again… 

This is the last entry for this subject this semester… 

It is about the final exam… 

To be honest we are quit worried about this exam… or at least I know I am worried before it begin because from my opinion, this course needs a lot of facts to be remembered. However after the exam was done, I felt quit relieved and I know I have tried my best to do FINE even though not good as I thought. when ummi post on the Facebook about our paper, I was begin to worried more about how it would be. I hope it will be just fine. 

Lastly, I would like to say many thanks and apology to ummi for the whole semester we have spent together. thanks you ummi for your guidance and so sorry for troubling you or if I have made any mistake that could hurt you. But, the truth is we all love you ummi…

to dearest friends who has always been a great help and motivation whether it was a positive or a negative one… thank you. 

Until the next semester everyone. Wassalam.

Kit Project

Published July 8, 2013 by AiRiEnA MoHd

Assalamualaikum and once again good day…

this entry is about the Kit Project that we have to do in order to fulfil this course requirements. it is supposed to be a group project. It is supposed to be done by the word of TEAMWORK. But I guess, some of us are just doesn’t get what are the meaning of teamwork itself. Anyway, at the very last moment of final exam and study week, I made a decision of doing the project by my own as an individual project. I chose the 3rd topic which is Bilingualism. I did some browsing through the internet, browse through the book and did a slideshow, digital message or poster in Power Point and also a last minute video editing from the web… All are done in Study week but I haven’t submit until now… 

I have tried to attach the video here but it couldn’t get through the wall… i will try to attach it to the Facebook then…

To ummi, thanks a lot for accepting this last minute project. I really appreciate it. 


Presentation Reflections

Published July 8, 2013 by AiRiEnA MoHd

Assalamualaikum and a very good day everyone… 

First of all I would like to apologise to ummi for procrastinating my work by this late post of blog entries… and before I begin, I would like to say many thanks to ummi for giving me some space and extending the time limit for this assignments. I appreciate your tolerance ummi. Thank you so much and thanks a lot for the chances you have given me all this time in this class. 

Anyway, I am actually blur about what to start with… There is a lot of things to reflect on… Presentations, Kit Project, Finals… etc. 

I will start with the presentation reflection… 

Imran’s topic was SAALE Model which came out in the exam…

Nadia’s topic was “Getting to know Autism” which reminds me of the autism students in education faculty of UKM that we haven’t had a chance to visit YET…

Yasmin’s topic was “Down Syndrome” and it is interesting to watch their videos as they shown a reality and truth about down syndrome which made most of us stay focus to the screen…

Veni’s topic was Public Law and eventhough Iwas fan of the law, act and stuff, it still made me confuse…but Veni did a good job of explaining it to me afterwards… Veni…thanks for being a good friend by your effort to taught me things Ishould focus on… 

Jannah’s and Nora’s topic was  “Learner Diversity in Malaysia” and “How Education For All Be Achieved”… 

Farah Sakinah’s topic was on five behaviours towards low achievers mentioned by Kauffman.

Nisa’s topic was “Multi-Disciplinary Team” 

Ayie and Prasna are doing a topic which is famous and a highlight in Malaysia now which are “1 Malaysia and its Goals” and “Five Obstacle Which May Prevent The Achievement of These Goals”

My topic with Kak Ika are “Global and Analytical Learners and Their Characteristics and Strategies to Accommodate” which I did the definition of Global learners and strategies to accommodate these learners… this is what I can share based on our slide… :


The Global Style

– Linked to right-hemisphere dominance in the brain
– Takes in information holistically
– Begins with understanding concepts first, with mastery of details to follow
– Prefer music or other background noise.
– May work better in groups than alone
– Prefer to work on multiple tasks at once
– Sees the big picture or overall view
– Likely to respond to a problem with emotion first, instead of logic

The Analytical Style

– Grounded in left-hemisphere dominance in the brain
– Take in information sequentially, step-by-step
– Preferring to learn a series of facts that lead toward an understanding of a larger concept
– Requires orderly, quiet surroundings
– Preferring to study alone for long periods without interruption
– Tend to work on one task to completion
– Focuses on the parts that make up the big picture
– Likely to respond to a problem with logic first, instead of emotion, solve problem systematically and logically.


Understanding the key differences in student learning styles leads to better learning support. Numerous assessment tests allow individuals to determine their own learning styles and help parents and teachers find ways to encourage learning. Teachers can develop lesson plans that accommodate both styles, such as incorporating narratives and group work into lesson plans to accommodate global learners.


– Provide traditional classroom setting.
– Shows and organize the sequences of information.
– Leads to larger concept of understanding.
– Provide activity that follows sequence, process, list, timeline, and charts.
– Example: bring back pieces or parts of body altogether and explain their functions.


– Provide flexible learning environment.
– Explain concept first then the details.
– Give them chances to do some group work.
– Give them multiple task at once.
– Plays background music.
– Gives open ended questions.
– Relates to life information.

The last presentation is Syikin with Cooperative Learning…

I know I should have reflect more on these presentations and put more information as in share the notes, slide and such…but to be honest when I was in the classroom, I did pay attention even though sometimes, not fully attention, (still) I do understand what we have been learning about. It is such a waste if I did not write more and details here on this blog. However, since it was 1.30 am and now is the only time that I am free to do my work I apologise of all the weakness in this blog and I can totally understand, what we gain are based on how far our effort is in completing our work.. so I know how far I have work on this subject and even though I thought I have given my best, I know I didn’t. I haven’t show what I can do and deep inside, I know I can do better. 

Till now the entry on presentations, next is on the project and final… 

Multiple Intelligence 5th reflection

Published March 28, 2013 by AiRiEnA MoHd

Assalamualaikum and once again… good day…

Move on to the next entry which is about multiple intelligence. It was definitely a big question mark when I first heard about this topic. I was asking myself… what is meant by multiple intelligence and from what I got and understand is…

The theory of multiple intelligences was proposed by Howard Gardner in his 1983 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences as a model of intelligence that differentiates intelligence into specific parts. Gardner articulated seven criteria for a behavior to be considered as intelligence such as:

Potential for brain isolation by brain damage,

Place in evolutionary history,

Presence of core operations,

Susceptibility to encoding (symbolic expression),

A distinct developmental progression,

The existence of savants, prodigies and other exceptional people,

Support from experimental psychology and psychometric findings.

Howard Gardner initially formulated a list of seven intelligences. His listing was provisional. The first two have been typically valued in schools; the next three are usually associated with the arts; and the final two are what Howard Gardner called ‘personal intelligences’ (Gardner 1999: 41-43).

Linguistic intelligence involves sensitivity to spoken and written language, the ability to learn languages, and the capacity to use language to accomplish certain goals. This intelligence includes the ability to effectively use language to express oneself rhetorically or poetically; and language as a means to remember information. Writers, poets, lawyers and speakers are among those that Howard Gardner sees as having high linguistic intelligence.

My view: ones can be creative in organizing ideas, sentences and poetry because of the languages they have is also affected by sense of creativity.

Logical-mathematical intelligence consists of the capacity to analyze problems logically, carry out mathematical operations, and investigate issues scientifically. In Howard Gardner’s words, it entails the ability to detect patterns, reason deductively and think logically. This intelligence is most often associated with scientific and mathematical thinking.

My view: analytical mind is important and this is how we tend to make a decision and analysis everything. It also involve our mathematical skills… (but personally I think, mathematics is not the strong point of me…) LOL.

Musical intelligence involves skill in the performance, composition, and appreciation of musical patterns. It encompasses the capacity to recognize and compose musical pitches, tones, and rhythms. According to Howard Gardner musical intelligence runs in an almost structural parallel to linguistic intelligence.

My view: I love this one… seriously. I totally agree. There are a side inside us that really into this one. I think maybe I am one of the person that passionate in music and stuff like this. I can just lost in my own world when it involves things like this.

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence entails the potential of using one’s whole body or parts of the body to solve problems. It is the ability to use mental abilities to coordinate bodily movements. Howard Gardner sees mental and physical activity as related.

My view: Believe it or not I think all of us experience this one. When our mind is not up to something and… maybe upset, our physical state became weak too… our mind and body related to each other in every way and they connected with messages to each other. So, if your mind are in tense, it will affects your health too.

Spatial intelligence involves the potential to recognize and use the patterns of wide space and more confined areas.

My view: Personally I don’t really understand this one… hehehe

Interpersonal intelligence is concerned with the capacity to understand the intentions, motivations and desires of other people. It allows people to work effectively with others. Educators, salespeople, religious and political leaders all need a well-developed interpersonal intelligence.

My view: I am having tough time with peoples around me now… So maybe,yeah… sometimes it is hard to understand others or make them understands you… even if we have this skills, sometimes, human are just unpredictable and it depends how we handle environment around us.

Intrapersonal intelligence entails the capacity to understand oneself, to appreciate one’s feelings, fears and motivations. In Howard Gardner’s view it involves having an effective working model of ourselves, and to be able to use such information to regulate our lives.

My View: still researching on this one… it is superbly hard to understand or read other people’s mind. Seriously. Human are all different and we have a complicated mind that sometimes, even we don’t understand what we think.

However… as conclusion…

This is quote by him that I really like…

I want my children to understand the world, but not just because the world is fascinating and the human mind is curious. I want them to understand it so that they will be positioned to make it a better place. Knowledge is not the same as morality, but we need to understand if we are to avoid past mistakes and move in productive directions. An important part of that understanding is knowing who we are and what we can do… Ultimately, we must synthesize our understandings for ourselves. The performance of understanding that try matters are the ones we carry out as human beings in an imperfect world which we can affect for good or for ill. (Howard Gardner 1999: 180-181)

P/s: my mind map will be on the next entry Ummi.. 🙂




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